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The name BAM BU DAH reflects it’s Asian fusion roots, with each of the 34 suites being named after popular Asian cities and decorated accordingly. We seek to become a gathering point for the local community and simultaneously offer accommodation to visitors of the city from far afield.


Joe was an American, who loved the Bogart film "Casablanca".

He dreamed of having his own Rick's Cafe and, in the early days of the American involvement in the Vietnam War, he decided to go to Saigon and create his own. He only knew two words associated with Asia - "Bamboo" and "Buddha", but his spelling skills were not too strong either, so he named his club, The BAM BU DAH.


It quickly became very similar to Rick's Cafe - a top social place for off-duty American Officers, Vietnamese hierarchy, (plus, rumour has it) Vietcong spies and drug dealing, amongst other things... Protected by the CIA as their best intelligence operation in Saigon, Joe made huge money and became known as "Saigon Joe".


Following the withdrawal of the US forces from the country, it was rumoured that

Joe returned to the States under an assumed name and the CIA wiped out all the photos, information and other material about The BAM BU DAH from the records. 

Was it a CIA operation all along and was Saigon Joe really just one of their operatives?

It seems we will never know, but the legend of the BAM BU DAH and Saigon Joe  lives on in its re-incarnation in Prague, in 2020. 

Bam Bu Dah

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U Libeňského mostu 1

180 00 Praha 8

Rohanský Ostrov

Czech Republic





Mon - Thu:    12pm - 11pm

​​Fri - Sat:         12pm - 3am

​Sunday:         12pm - 12am

Thank you!